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Rug & Home

rug & home 2

Mother’s Day is around the corner and everyone seems to be looking for the perfect gift, like me. Naturally, I look to the web to help me find something. During my search, I came across a web design that truly inspired me, and I hope it’s one that inspires you as well. I love when I stumble upon a website when I’m working on a task other than web design. Web design is always top-of-mind. Well, here it is.

Rug & Home is a North Carolina rug store¬†that also sells furniture, decor, art, mirrors, and more. Its website does a magnificent job representing its brand, which is one of the most important elements. My favorite part is the e-commerce experience it provides, sorted by style, price, color, and shape & size. With multiple ways of purchasing an item, it makes for an easier process, which users greatly appreciate. It’s proven that users will leave a page if the purchasing process is difficult or if it takes a long time to find a desired item. This website’s design stays true to its brand and it’s obvious functionality was in mind.

rug & home 1


Next page worth featuring is the showrooms page. This page proves the importance of not only displaying the products, but displaying the stores’ physical locations. Giving users the ability to view the stores before going to them could increase the chances of them choosing a location and visiting. So, the functionality and attractiveness of the website gets consumers to the site, while the showroom pages get them to the stores. Contact information is always a must, but this website takes it one step further with images, descriptions, reviews of each location, and a virtual tour. The virtual tour is what caught my eye the most. I felt like I was walking in the showroom, that’s innovation!


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